Sam & Max Save the World arrives on PC and Switch with a remastered version


Sam & Max Save the World , TellTale Games’ point and click , is getting a remastered version coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. First released in 2006, Sam & Max Save the World marked the beginning of the iconic series starring a dog and a bunny fighting crime.

The original version of Telltale sported a stellar voice cast and gorgeous animation, but at over 14, Sam & Max Save the World shows its technical limitations. And that’s why the remastered version comes into play: the work of this version is from the Skunkape Game team who acquired the rights to Telltale’s Sam & Max games after the studio closed its doors in 2018, with many team members. who worked on the original titles.

The game features improved graphics, dynamic lighting, improved lip sync, a new user interface, aspect ratio in 16: 9 and support for higher resolutions. Additionally, the audio has been remastered and re-encoded and gamepads can now be used in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard. The difference is astonishing, and you can see it with the trailer below.

The release of the remastered version of Sam & Max Save the World is scheduled for December 2 on PC (via GOG, Steam and and on Nintendo Switch via eShop.



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