Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in Digital Foundry’s analysis: PS5 does better than Xbox Series X


In a new analysis of Digital Foundry , the game of the day and one of the most popular is Assassin’s Creed Valhall in on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series . In the pursuit of 60fps and better quality, PS5 and Xbox Series X run into some problems, but PS5 apparently starts out ahead.

The analysis makes it clear that game development may have suffered during the pandemic and is far from perfect. Bugs, technical issues, lack of finishing touches, and erratic performance are present in all versions. The patches are expected to arrive soon, but they can also take some time due to issues with working via smart working.

As for the resolution and frame rate, the analysis starts by highlighting the Xbox Series S. In all versions of the game there is a dynamic resolution, wherein the Series S it is between 1188p and 1656p, more common in 1296p. The frame rate is a maximum of 30 fps and remains stable most of the time. On the most powerful consoles, they both run at a resolution between 1440p and 1728p, varying mainly in certain parts of the game, such as when there are different characters on the screen. PS5 and Xbox Series X look for 60fps and are able to keep up with it most of the time. The same problem with tearing occurs here too but is much more noticeable on Xbox Series X. Lost frames in movies and rapid camera shake occur on both consoles. but also more common on Xbox Series X. In evaluating overall performance in high-stress situations, PS5 is 15% better at maintaining more stable frame rate numbers. Another thing highlighted is that the blur effect on the camera doesn’t work perfectly on the Xbox Series X, almost always in the cutscenes, and that the Microsoft console also had a greater amount of bugs during testing.

As for the visual part of the game, Ubisoft has sought and achieved impressive parity, with no consoles having noticeable differences. Shadows, lighting, textures, character quality, trees, terrain and more are virtually identical on both consoles.



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