Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Siphon Filter: Is Bluepoint Games already working on a new remake?


After Demon’s SoulsBluepoint Games may be working on a new game. Several months ago, the development studio shared a cryptic tweet, which many saw as a kind of preview of their upcoming projects. At the time, the post read: ” A symphony of voices – not one, but two come back from the shadows “, suggesting that there were two games in development.

One of these two games came true with the arrival of Demon’s Souls Remake for PlayStation 5, but it seems that the studio is working on something else. Also through Twitter, Bluepoint yesterday posted an image similar to a postcard accompanied by the phrase ” A symphony of voices … “. It is possible that this image means nothing about an upcoming project and was published following the discovery of a mysterious door.

However, the mystery deepens even more: players have noticed a rather unusual sound in the game that is very reminiscent of a fight present in Metal Gear. Could the mysterious door be hiding a hint for a potential Metal Gear remake? Among the other hypotheses mentioned there are also Silent Hill and Siphon Filter. We just have to wait and see.

We remind you that Demon’s Souls is available on PlayStation 5.



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