It Was Revealed What Exactly The Referee From Romania Said And Why The Champions League Match Was Interrupted


“The black one (negro), go check who he is,” Coltescu told the first referee Hațegan, after which there was first a verbal conflict, and then a break in the match.

Webo, the assistant coach of Basaksehir, to whom the description referred, immediately came into conflict with Coltescu.

“Why did he say ‘black’ to me? You can’t say ‘black’ to me!” Webo shouted.

The loudest of the visiting players was Demba Ba who immediately asked the referee to explain why he used derogatory terms, and although the Romanian tried to justify himself, in the end it all ended with the players of both teams going to the locker room.

Numerous reactions on social media followed, and certainly the most interesting was the one sent by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who supported Basaksehir’s players and condemned “racism and all forms of discrimination in sports, as well as in all spheres of life.”

The match will be resumed today at 18:55, and it will be played from the 14th minute, which is the moment when the conflict happened and the match was interrupted.