Jesus On The Champions League Scandal: All You Say Against Blacks Is Racism


The assistant coach of the visiting team, Pierre Webo, received a red card in the 16th minute, and the Turkish team claims that the fourth referee, Coltescu, insulted him on racial grounds by using the word “negro”.

“I really don’t know what exactly happened, but racism talks are in vogue these days. As a citizen, I have the right to think my own way and form a concrete opinion when I find out exactly what happened at that moment. These days, everything you say against blacks is racism, and when you say the same thing to a white person it’s not considered racism. It’s a ‘wave’ taking over the world, but, I repeat, I don’t know exactly what they said to that coach, “Jesus told a news conference before his Benfica game.

Recall, the insult of the referee was followed by a 10-minute discussion with the main referee Hategan from Romania, after which the Turkish team left the field, and immediately afterward the home team.

Dutchman Danny Makkelie refereed the match that continued today, and the match ended with a 5: 1 victory for PSG.