Neymar’s Hat-trick In PSG’S Demolition Of Basaksehir


The match resumed today from the 14th minute as it was interrupted last night due to the racism of the fourth referee towards the assistant coach of the Turkish team Pierre Webb.

Just as Verratti started to play, he hired Neymar, who fantastically frees himself from the guard and then hits the undefended part of the net to lead the Parisians.

Before going on holiday, Neymar scored another goal, this time assisted by Mbappe, and then an interesting situation occurred.

Namely, Bakker scored a goal that was annulled due to offside, but since the goalkeeper had previously fouled Neymar, the referee awarded a penalty to the host. Safe from the white spot was Mbappe.


Already in the fifth minute of the second half, Di Maria threw Neymar to the left side, and the Brazilian made his way to the middle of the penalty area and scored again, completing his hat-trick.

Bašakšehir managed to score an honorable goal after the ball happily bounced off Topal, and Mbappe scored on an empty net in the 62nd minute after being selflessly employed by Di Maria for the final 5: 1.

Otherwise, bh. national team player Edin Višća was not available to Bašakšehir due to injury.

PSG finished the group in first place with the same number of points as RB Leipzig, but with a better mutual ratio. The two teams will play the knockout phase of the Champions League, Manchester United are moving to the Europa League, while Basaksehir is saying goodbye to Europe for this season.