Ronaldo: This Was An “Impossible Mission”, I Never Saw Messi As A Rival

Ronaldo said the key thing in Juventus ’win was a serious entry into the game and a good opening after which they had a 2-0 lead.

“We had a difficult task, as an impossible mission, and the key was to open the game strongly. After only 20 minutes, we had a 2-0 advantage and since then we believed that we could achieve the goal, and I think that this victory will help us. mean for confidence, because we needed something like this against a great team, ”Ronaldo said.

After that, the Portuguese referred to the first penalty that was played for his team.

“I can’t say anything, I haven’t seen the video, and sometimes those easy contacts are enough to play penalties and I don’t want to get into it because the referee’s job is very difficult. When someone scores three goals at the Nou Camp, there is no doubt he deserves first place in the group, “Ronaldo said, finally referring to Lionel Messi:

” We’ve been meeting at ceremonies for 12-13 years and I’ve never seen him as a rival, it’s a media story. We’ve always gotten along perfectly and if you ask him, Leo will tell you the same, ”Ronaldo said.

Juventus finished in first place in this group, so in the last round, they took revenge on Barcelona in the best possible way for the recent defeat in Turin.