ĆAmila From Mostar Dominates The Euro In The Croatian Jersey: I Am Sorry For Bih, But My Heart Has Decided

In the previous five matches, the Croatians have recorded four victories and one defeat, and certainly the victory against the Netherlands with the result of 27:25 stands out the most, considering that they are the current world champions.

The best player of this team is Ćamila Mičijević, who plays as a left back, and as she is a native of Mostar and as she made her first steps in the Herzegovinian teams, we gladly got in touch with her and used the opportunity to talk about previous results and successes, as well as decides to play for the Croatian national team.

In the match against Norway, this great handball player scored seven goals, scored five against Serbia, and six against the Netherlands. In the first match against Hungary, she scored four goals, which speaks volumes about what kind of handball player she is.

We Are unencumbered

At the beginning, we asked “Ćana bez mana”, as her Instagram profile reads, how she feels after great results, and as she says, it is much easier to play when expectations are lower.

“I feel phenomenal. We all live through one of the most beautiful possible stories, and in all this I just can’t think only about myself and what I’ve done so far. The goal is to achieve the best possible team result, we are unencumbered and we came to that feeling. tournament. We will all agree that it is easier when there are no high expectations “, our interlocutor tells us at the beginning.

“Ćana bez mana” is the best player of the Croatian women’s handball team (Photo: Pixell.hr)


After that, we asked her how she currently feels in the Metz team, which is considered one of the best European women’s teams, but also what plans she has for the future.

“I’m not that young anymore, or at least I don’t think anyone in their 26s falls into that category. I don’t think too much about the future, I’m exclusively focused on what’s going on right now and believe me it’s a wonderful feeling. I feel phenomenal and all the working conditions as a coach are fantastic. After the championship is over, I will sit down and think in which direction I will continue my career, “says Ćamila.

Clearly, the inevitable question was about Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is, women’s handball in our country, especially knowing that our women’s national team has not existed for 10 years.

As Ćamila herself says, she regrets that at the time of the selection, the national team did not have the opportunity to choose, and after that maybe play for the country where her father and grandfather come from, where she took her first steps. In the end, she points out that she has not repented and that she is currently very happy in the Croatian national team.

The heart decided

“At this moment, it is quite ungrateful to talk about the BiH women’s handball team, but I am a person of pure views who never makes decisions abruptly. When I had the opportunity to play for the Croatian national team, I thought well and realized that I really want it,” she said. Mostar and continues:

“On the other hand, of course I’m affected earlier by the fact that I can’t play for ‘my’ national team, for the country where my father and grandfather were born, but I say it again, you will agree with me, we all have to look for the best opportunities for my bright future and making the right decisions. I did it and I never regretted it, I spent the best years of my life in Croatia and fell in love with that country as if it were mine. In the end, I guess it’s enough to feel that way. handball in BiH, of course I’m not happy with either men’s or women’s handball, but it’s still a topic I wouldn’t talk about. ”

In the end, we asked Mičijević how much the Croatian women’s handball team can do in the continuation of the European Championship.

“Our possibilities are huge, but we don’t want to promise anything and expect some crazy and unrealistic things. We enter every game as relaxed as possible and look for an opportunity to always win. That is our goal in the continuation of the European Championship, we want to win a medal but we know that is an extremely long way to that success “, our interlocutor tells us at the end of the conversation.