Ibrahimovic Published A 20-year-old Video In Which His Teammate Criticizes And Underestimates Him


“Although it is difficult to say exactly when the recording from the locker room was made, it is clear that it dates from the period when Ibrahimović played for the first team of the Swedish club between 1999 and 2001.

“Zlatan is not a problem, but he has an arrogant attitude and we have to accept that to some extent. However, he has started to understand that he has to be part of the team. He is not a star yet, although he thinks he is. I understand that the end of the corner flag, suddenly there is a new Maradona. And the rest of us know how to juggle the end of the corner flag, “Mattisson said at the time.

Ibrahimovic wrote “against all prognoses” with the video, and many are of the opinion that this video serves as a kind of motivation for him.

By the way, Mattisson spent ten years in Malmö from the video, but he did not make a notable international career, just like the other teammates, while Ibrahimović became one of the best strikers of his era that still lasts.