Neymar Sobbed On A Stretcher, A Severe Injury To The Brazilian Overshadowed Lyon’s Triumph


The popular Lions came to victory with a goal by Kadewera in the 35th minute, and it was their first triumph at Princes Park after as much as 11 years.

However, much more painful for the home team was the injury of Neymar in the 97th minute, who was sobbing and carried off the field on a stretcher, and apparently it was a very serious injury.

Mendes started sharply on him with two legs in the last seconds of the match, and after the VAR review, the Lyon player was excluded.

It is a small consolation for the Parisians, because according to Neymar’s reaction, this season could be over for him.

PSG – Lyon 0: 1 (Kadewere 35 ‘)