We found 22 cosmetic ad models to see what they look like without makeup


Selecting models for cosmetic advertising, different brands are guided by different principles: some look for girls with faces that look like blank canvases on which to recreate anything, while others prefer models with unforgettable characteristic features to convey the originality of your product. In one, these two types of advertising are similar: even if it appears to us that the model on the screen has hardly any makeup, she is actually wearing several layers of cosmetics. And what it looks like without all this, it seems difficult to guess.

Seeing one ad for more than one cosmetic brand, we came to the conclusion that it is difficult to really assess the potential of the advertised product, as it is not clear what these young women look like without cosmetics and how makeup changed them. So we decided to find the models who had become the faces of the very popular cosmetic brands and find out what they look like without foundation, concealer, highlighter, and other such products.

1. Bella Hadid, Dior