Ana Bárbara Shines at Night and in Transparencies She Teaches More

    “The Queen of Mexican music”, captured all eyes in networks, to be seen in the middle of the night with a translucent black outfit that stole the breath of many

    At 50 years of age, the renowned singer Ana Bárbara continues to cause a stir on social networks and she showed this in her most recent publication, in which she wasted her beauty by posing in the middle of the night in the streets of Guanajuato while wearing a translucent black outfit that stole the breath of many users.

    It is well known that the successful producer has positioned herself as one of the female exponents of Mexican regional music because throughout her artistic career she has shown to possess an unmatched talent and charisma, which have fascinated millions of people throughout Latin America. 

    After having worked tirelessly these last months, the talented interpreter of “Todo lo learned de tí” decided to take some time off to travel to Mexico and visit her parents in her native San Luis Potosí, but that did not stop her from giving a brief trip to the neighboring state to capture some incredible postcards that he uploaded to his Instagram profile. 

    It was through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, where the famous businesswoman shared an attractive photograph that caught the attention of a large number of users, who were amazed by the amazing night view that allowed them to contemplate the municipality of San Miguel de Allende.

    As can be seen in the snapshot, Ana Bárbara was radiant with an elegant black outfit, which consisted of a tape with transparencies and glitter that revealed everything underneath along with tight matching pants to the waist. to wear a cowgirl hat that gave the final touch to her look.

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    “The night is quiet and my voice is heard, my soul is calling you …”, is the short text that the famous Youtuber placed in the description of her image, which is a fragment of the popular song “As I need you ”, Performed by Marco Antonio Solis.

    It should be noted that the publication is about to reach 25 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart and as if that were not enough, its passionate followers did not miss the opportunity to fill the comment box with hundreds of messages, in where they did not stop filling it with compliments and compliments.

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