In a Flirtatious Pose, Kimberly Flores Exhibits Curves With Daring Lingerie

    Posing like a barbie, the famous Guatemalan model provoked intense reactions in networks by showing off her stunning curves with a small lace ensemble

    Once again, the famous Guatemalan model, Kimberly Flores provoked intense reactions from her devoted fans after posting a revealing postcard, with which she unleashed an intense heatwave by flaunting her sweeping curves with a small lace ensemble while modeling it. with a flirty pose that bewitched more than one.

    After announcing her arrival to OnlyFans last week, the beautiful Youtuber has been quite active in her Instagram stories, where she has frequently uploaded some of the photos she is publishing on her new profile, unfortunately, each one of The images is censored to encourage you to visit the payment platform.

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    As expected, the news caused great emotion in Internet users who tirelessly follow the beautiful influencer, since they will be able to enjoy before anyone else a slightly more risque content than the one that usually uploads to their social networks.

    That is why these last few days, Kimberly Flores has shown herself with a low profile after posting a snapshot on her wall where she ordered each of her detractors to be silenced with a forceful message, with which she reminded them that “the ignorant attack with the mouth, the wise man defends himself in silence ”.

    After a long wait, a couple of hours ago the wife of the lead singer of the group La Trakalosa de Monterrey shared a spicy image that left everyone with their mouths open, where he can be seen posing flirtatiously in a completely pink room with the Barbie-themed, showing off her dream body without any shame.

    At 32 years of age, the interpreter of “Better I stay alone”, continues to expose her most seductive side and this was demonstrated by wearing a set of lace lingerie to match the room, with which she exposed her shapely legs and a small waist that have become the envy of the young women on the platform.

    “Pink world” was the text that Edwin Luna’s sentimental partner placed in the publication, which has managed to add more than 15 thousand reactions of likes so far, in addition to having received hundreds of messages of support and affection from his loyal fans.

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