US CDC Announces Efficacy Against Severe Forms of the Delta Variant

    Fully vaccinated people are 11 times less likely to die from Covid-19 and 10 times less likely to be hospitalized since contagious disease Delta variant has become the main strain of the virus in the United States, US health officials said on Friday. Data from three articles published by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the country’s main federal public health agency, unanimously underline the continued effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines against severe forms virus.

    Are anti-Covid vaccines effective against the Indian variant?

    This announcement comes the day after the unveiling of President Joe Biden’s new muscular strategy to overcome Covid-19, which includes an executive order requiring employees of large American companies to be vaccinated or undergo a weekly screening test.

    Hundreds of thousands of cases studied

    As we have shown, study after study, vaccination works “, Insisted the director of the CDC, Rochelle Walenksy, during a press conference. The first study analyzed hundreds of thousands of cases of Covid-19 in 13 US jurisdictions over the period from April 4 to June 19, before the Delta proliferated, and compared them to cases of contamination from June 20 to June 17. July. Between these two periods, the risk of a fully vaccinated person being infected with Covid-19 compared to a unvaccinated person increased slightly from 11.1 times lower risk of being infected to 4.5 …

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