14 years after his disappearance, a dirty ex weighs on the star host!

    Always in a good mood on the air, Jacques Martin hid a lot. On a daily basis and behind the scenes, the latter has repeatedly expressed his anger and his mood swings. A heavy behavior to manage, which sometimes exasperated his closest friends or companions. Like Marion Game, with whom he formed a couple for 4 years.

    Invited on the set of L’instant de Luxe, this Wednesday, September 14, the actress literally let go about her relationship with Jacques Martin. Visibly still annoyed by the past, the star of Scènes de Ménage could not help but be frank “He brought his face back all the time”, before giving more details, “I had nothing to do with this man. He was ‘me I, me I’. And I had my career to do. “

    That’s when Marion Game decides to leave, to leave him, “I left because Jacques Martin was not my life. At one point, it was no longer possible. I left.” But while being the one who “wanted to rule”, Jacques Martin did not really experience this break well. He was very unhappy, he was a bit angry with me. “By leaving the host, the octogenarian has, above all, left a sickly jealous person with his behavior. she couldn’t stand anymore, “I continued my journey without him because I had been told that he was going to damage me. He had already started labor and he had to get out of it.”, despite his love still present.

    Jacques Martin jealous of Marion Game’s career

    A successful actress, Marion Game has always led her way. A success that his ex “lived like a rivalry. I represented his failure, it was not made for the theater.“. Since then, the actress has multiplied roles on TV, cinema and theater.

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