a funny and regressive fable by Eric Judor

    The last survivors on Earth, the members of a community of Zadistas have free rein to rebuild everything. On a screenplay by Noé Debré and Blanche Gardin, Eric Judor examines humor in every degree, and that feels good! “Problemos” is available on Netflix.

    Our review of “Problemos”

    During the year 2017, the French comedy navigated softly between the sentimentality (It’s beautiful life when you think about it) and racist clichés (With open arms). A follower of mise en abyme and absurd humor, Eric Judor brought him a welcome distance in the comic French troop. For his first feature film made without his friend Ramzy Bedia, he chooses to make fun of a community of Ardèche Zadists fighting against the construction of an absurd aquatic complex. The occasion for a hilarious gallery of characters, each more striking than the last. Like Maéva, the cagole who speaks to the trees, and Gaya, who leads workshops open to men on period control, and who refused to give her child a first name and gender, “So as not to stick a label on his forehead” …

    In this degenerate Gallic village (a pandemic killed the rest of the world, it seems incredibly visionary today!), Judor plays Victor, a caricature of an urban bourgeois, deceptively cool, who turns out to be cowardly and devious. He is able to flirt with a girl of his age but not understand the other society offered by neo-hippies. So, debilos, Problemos ? Yes, and this assumed regressive humor, which goes back and forth between first, second and third degrees, is doing a lot of good, even more so nowadays. – Jeremiah Couston

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