Action, Stokomani, Intersport (with a doubled surface)… arrive at Labéraudie – Medialot

    The “Les Rives du Lot” commercial program (between Lidl and King Jouet) was presented.

    This September 15, Jean-Marc Vayssouze, mayor of Cahors, and president of Grand Cahors, Denis Marre, vice-president of the agglomeration in charge of the economy, and Thierry Lévêque, CEO of Arcades unveiled the commercial program ” Les Rives du Lot ”(between Lidl and King Jouet), avenue Maryse Bastié. “Initially, in 2007-2008, the Klépierre group was to lead the operation and withdrew from the project after the financial crisis. The Arcades group took over the case. We have conducted negotiations so that there is no competition with downtown commerce. This is our credo and we have been heard. This is a plus for this area which remains a neighborhood area. The operation will also make it possible to fight against the commercial escape and to consolidate the catchment area of ​​Cahors. We are going to carry out important work on the road to Toulouse. We are also working on demolition and renaturation of the city as is the case for the project of the old dairy, Plaine du Pal. The demolition, depollution, renaturation will be undertaken at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. As well as a demolition project of an economic building on the Toulouse road should contribute to return to Bartassec, its natural flow and, to nature, nearly 2,000 m2 of land ”explained Jean-Marc Vayssouze. “It’s a project that ends well and arrives at the right time. This gives a dynamic to the urban area, ”added Denis Marre.

    “We are both promoters and investors. We attacked the work. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022 and an opening to the public in the second quarter of 2023 ”underlined Thierry Lévêque before detailing the axes of the“ Rives du Lot ”:

    – 8,000 m2 of sales space replace the 11,000 m2 initially planned.

    – 400 parking spaces including 300 positioned under the building. The parking lots are, by the way, hidden. Those present outside are subject to a predominantly plant-based landscaping treatment.

    – Charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up to allow people to get there without noise impact and limiting air pollution,

    – The ZAC de Labéraudie location facilitates the means of access to shops thanks to soft mobility and the free network of urban buses in Grand Cahors. Its proximity to homes (Cahors and Pradines) and its direct accessibility from the bypass and the new roundabout facilitate its connection.

    – Bicycle parking spaces and parking spaces reserved for families adapt to changes uses,

    – A green roof will fit into the landscape, especially from the hillsides surrounding dominants,

    – The whole will be built on stilts to comply with the flood risk

    And to reveal the businesses that will be established (there are still two to market):

    – Intersport will occupy 2,400 m2, ie nearly twice its current area on the Toulouse road. The regional company that operates Intersport Cahors wishes to keep, in addition to this new point of sale, its location on the route de Toulouse under a sports or sportswear brand to be determined.

    – Action, a Dutch brand, in very strong development on the national territory, will help meet local expectations.

    – La Foir’Fouille will double its surface area and offer a new concept

    – Alain Afflelou will create a second optical center. The one already present in the city center will remain, for the brand, the point of sale main.

    – Chaussea

    – Dragonfly Blue

    – Hairdresser

    A little more patience before the opening!

    > 13 million euros are invested by Arcades Promotion, to which will be added 7

    million euros carried by the brands that will develop their points of sale. The operator calls on local companies, in particular for earthworks and structural work in which the companies Marcouly (Puy-l’Évêque) and Grenier (Cahors) will be involved.

    > Around 100 jobs will be created (July 2021 study).

    Visuals Arcades promotion / SCI Les Rives du Lot

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