Anne Sila (The Voice All-Stars) “very happy” to have lost to Lilian Renaud in 2015, she explains why (VIDEO)

    Anne Sila, revealed by The Voice in 2015 and which made its return in the All-Stars version a few days ago, was this September 14 on Sud radio. The singer returned to her defeat against Lilian Renaud.

    This is The Voice ! If Anne Sila did not win her TF1 tele-hook season, she is undoubtedly the most talked about since her return to the All-Stars version on Saturday September 11 to celebrate the ten years of the program. Since 2015, when she participated for the first time in The Voice, the artist’s voice has not changed, recognizable among a thousand. During her return to the show hosted by Nikos Aliagas, the singer was once again unanimous and especially with Florent Pagny. “I’m happy to see you. I don’t know the seasons anymore, but I know it’s Anne Sila and that we’ve experienced extraordinary things“, commented the coach who took the young woman to the final against Lilian Renaud.

    Anne Sila very fan of Lilian Renaud

    Since, Anne Sila gave up his shaved head, which showed great discomfort, for brown, curly hair. She had been assaulted on May 29, 2014, a few months before her visit to The Voice, by her companion who had stabbed her several times. Today, she is much better and this September 14, the artist that we could also see in the musical fresco Jesus signed Pascal Obispo was invited to Loft Music on Sud radio. She returned to her defeat in the tele-hook final a few years ago and contrary to what one might think, she retains a rather positive memory, six years later. “I am very happy with what I lived and then I was a very big fan of Lilian Renaud. He deserved his final, I love him he’s an extraordinary person and a great artist“, she began, before returning to his defeat.

    “I wouldn’t have really been ready”

    I don’t regret because I really wouldn’t have been ready anyway, I didn’t really know what I wanted, I didn’t know how … Suddenly, you have the ego side, you say to yourself: ‘I could have gone further’. But in fact now I happily tell myself that I was there, because I wouldn’t have been ready to do anything at all“. For his return to The Voice, Anne Sila had chosen to reinterpret I come back for you, a song by Gilbert Bécaud which meant a lot to her. “I like to tell myself that we come back to look for ourselves, with all that we have experienced in recent years. It’s good to come back and look for people, it’s good to come and look for yourself, to see if we can move forward, if we can go further, if we can change “, concluded the one who released this title on download platforms, and whose new album will be available at the end of October.

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