Annily Chatelain: Alizée’s daughter has just lost a loved one

    Young Annily is in shock. On Instagram, the daughter of Alizée and Jérémy Chatelain, former candidate of the star Academy become a music producer, shared a long and tender message to the attention of Antoine, his deceased friend. The young boy, who was very close to her, has just died at only 17 years old. On the social network, where she is followed by more than 57,000 people, Maggie’s big sister (2 years old next November) had a touched thought for her comrade.

    Accompanied by photos and a video, Annily Chatelain wished to write these words as a tribute and farewell: “My Antoine, you were the most smiling person I knew, you embodied the joy of living and that everyone said it. The positive, you saw it everywhere, one day you said to me ‘never worry for me it will always be fine ‘, and that because you were strong, you always have been. You kept reminding me to say I love you to my relatives, especially to my family, you said it was simple words but you had to say them before you regret not having done so, and I promise I will take your advice. “

    If we do not know what won the young Antoine, we learn from Annily Chatelain that he was an endearing person and that the pretty brunette carried him in her heart.

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