Annoyed, Vanessa Paradis responds to criticism of the prices for her play

    From this Tuesday, September 14, Vanessa Paradis will play in the play Maman. The 48-year-old singer reacted in Le Parisien to criticism about ticket prices …

    New challenge for Vanessa Paradis. For several years, the former companion of Johnny Depp has been an accomplished artist: actress, singer, model, the star has multiplied projects and is one of the favorite personalities of the French. But at 48, the interpreter of Joe the taxi decided to take his first steps in the theater. Her husband Samuel Benchetrit therefore imagined a play in which she is the main actress, entitled Mom. Thanks to their alchemy, the play promises to be one of the successes of this new school year. “I could not let pass a text so beautiful, so original, so profound. By meeting us and working together, he wanted to write it entirely”, she told the Parisian, visibly conquered by the work done by her companion.

    An event play

    From this September 14, Lily Rose’s mother will therefore be at the Edouard VII theater in Paris for her very first performance alongside Félix Moati and Eric Elmosnino. For this ambitious new project, Vanessa Paradis repeat all day long and confide not having “never had so much stage fright“. While tirelessly refining her text, the representative of Chanel saw the birth on social networks of a controversy over the price of seats in the room. Indeed, some Internet users were annoyed at the prices sometimes approaching 100 euros while the other plays in this theater hall are much cheaper.

    Vanessa Paradis annoys the controversy

    Asked about this controversy, Vanessa Paradis blurted out, annoyed: “Oh, you’re not going to do it! There are 700 seats in the theater, there are 60 to 98 euros. Can’t talk about all the other places that aren’t at this price? At the insistence of the question, Jack’s mother added: I’m not the one who sets the prices and who will get the money in these places. For my concerts, I take great care that they are not expensive. I sing for two hours and it costs 35 euros. (…) It is true that I was a little shocked but I do not know the world of the theater “. A bit later, Vanessa Paradis said she had no say in the price of seats. “I found out once it was done. I’m so focused on the job to be successful, I didn’t ask for the price of the seats,” she blurted out before calling for “save the day.” theater”, a sector hard hit by the health crisis.

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