Antoine Griezmann humiliated, supporters shocked for life

    It is the day of Antoine Griezmann’s great return to the Atlético Madrid stadium. The reception will match the resentment of the supporters, who believe they have been betrayed.

    The international break and an away match in Barcelona, ​​to play Espanyol, in La Liga have for the moment prevented the reunion between Antoine Griezmann and his former public. Flagship player of Atlético de Madrid, the Frenchman disappointed a lot two years ago when he left the popular club in the capital to join the FC Barcelona armada. Its integration in Catalonia was catastrophic, to the point that it was finally sold on the last day of the transfer market this summer. The least we can say is that Griezmann is not greeted very warmly at the Matelassiers, while Atlético will play their first home game since being signed, this Wednesday night against Porto in the Ligue des Champions. At 30, Griezmann is quite simply a traitor for many supporters, who are not used to whistling their own player, and will therefore alternate this Wednesday evening between discontent and indifference. His teammates, his president, and Diego Simeone may have stepped up to the plate in the press to explain how this return was a good thing, skepticism remains, as Eduardo Fernandez, president of the supporters of Atlético de Madrid, explains in the columns of L’Equipe.

    Griezmann is no longer worth anything

    Part of the audience will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball. A minority will still applaud him. Even though I didn’t like what he did, and remember him and forgive him, I’m not going to do either. Like the majority of supporters. Because to whistle one of our players is to shoot yourself in the foot. We were hurt by his departure and especially the way he did it. It is unanimous among the supporters. We have the feeling of having been led away and deceived. Like during an infidelity. We were still together and he went to look elsewhere behind our back. We experienced it as a betrayal. What we blame him for is having played with our feelings. Despite everything he could say, he wasn’t so true to our colors. There is a disenchantment. Before, he was our idol. Now he’s just a player like any other. It doesn’t represent much anymore “, Thus indicated one of the leaders of the supporters of Atlético de Madrid, convinced that it will certainly take a long time before the wound is healed. Even if he were to be effective, combative and valuable for the team, Antoine Griezmann will never be able to regain the love rating that was his before he played with the feelings of the fans of the Madrid club.

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