eaten every day, this food decreases belly fat

    “Visceral fat,” more commonly known as “belly fat,” is the type of fat that concentrates and accumulates on the stomach.

    If some people fight it for aesthetic reasons that are specific to them, in certain cases, it should also be fought for health reasons.

    Certainly, it is harmless to the body when it is present in reasonable quantities. But since she is excessive, it constitutes a real danger for the organism.

    How is belly fat dangerous for your health?

    Indeed, let us remember, visceral fat is a fat which accumulates around organs, and more precisely between the muscles and organs of the abdominal area (liver, intestine). It can thus prevent them from functioning well when it is present in too much quantity, increasing risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    It is therefore better to prevent than to cure; and the first battleground to focus on is thefood. A recent scientific study has also revealed that a particular fruit made it possible to effectively reduce belly fat. And this fruit is none other than …lawyer !

    According to science, eating an avocado every day helps limit visceral fat

    The researchers of the study in question, published in the journal The Journal of Nutrition, claim that consuming an avocado daily for 12 weeks causes a noticeable reduction in visceral fat in individuals who adopt this dietary practice. The researcher at the head of the study, Nainan A. Khan, specifies that said fruit actually impacts how people store fat.

    Roughly speaking, consuming it improves fat distribution in the body. Rather than fighting visceral fat as such, it turns into subcutaneous fat, much less harmful to health. Indeed, the percentage of visceral fat of those who ate an avocado every day, during these 12 weeks, has greatly decreased unlike those who did not.

    Obviously, given the size of the sample studied (105 people), the finding should be put into perspective. The researchers are also keen to clarify that this is proven for women, but not really for men.

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