EXCLUDED – Me Di Vizio, figure of the sanitary pass, explains in “Morandini Live” why he stops everything: “All day long, I receive threats. I walk with bodyguards. I don’t want to live like that. ” – VIDEO

    This morning, master Fabrice Di Vizio was the exclusive guest of Jean-Marc Morandini in “Morandini Live” on CNews. The lawyer, figure of the sanitary pass, explained his decision to stop everything.

    “I believe that, in a debate which is becoming more and more hysterical, it is good that divisive voices can find a way to be silent. I have no desire to fuel a debate of hate. All day long, I I receive threats. I walk with a bodyguard. My children will soon have a permanent close protection service. This has to stop for a while. The conditions for a serene and peaceful debate are no longer met. crisis did not allow me to exist. I existed before “, he began, specifying that he had” planned before selling his shares “.

    “I’m a little exhausted from this surge. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on. I’m not giving in to any pressure. I don’t understand the JDD doing a disgusting article about me in which they say I seeks to earn only money (…) I have no desire to feed a hate machine. I have no desire to be instrumentalised in one way or another. dealt with everything in this crisis. I have always said that when the time is right, I will step down. People don’t need me to exist, “the lawyer added.

    And to add: “Perhaps my way of expressing myself has contributed to a hysterization. If I have contributed to a hysterization, we must stop hysterizing. It is good and within to question ourselves (…) What makes my life are my family and my horses. I’ve been wanting to leave for years “.

    “I was not made to be a public figure, that’s not my job. My job is defense. I gave up an international professional career in a very large law firm for me. ‘take care of my family,’ continued Maitre Di Vizio. The lawyer said he “spends more time on TV sets and demonstrating than with his family.” “Is this the life I want? Maybe not. At some point, you have to refocus your priorities. I believe I did what I had to do. The mistake would be to expose oneself in this way. I do not want to contribute to a hysterization of the debate. If I contributed, too bad “, he concluded.


    It all started with a message on social networks yesterday at the beginning of the evening in which Me Di Vizio explained that he would no longer come as a columnist at Cyril Hanouna: “I will no longer be at TPMP! I wrote to Cyril to tell him that I stopped. ” A decision that was taken with humor by many, because in recent months, the star lawyer of the anti-sanitary pass had already announced on several occasions his departure from the show.

    But over the evening, Fabrice Di Vizion clarified his position. Not only does he stop coming to C8 but he also wants to stop demonstrating on Saturdays, but also he announces his intention to sell his shares in his law firm to go and live in the countryside far from the media turmoil:

    Because the system no longer allows it and updating the site is costing us too much! We did what we could! The association will be dissolved next week, its premises having already been the subject of short notice. I have no interest in maintaining a structure that is costing us so much money.

    Volunteers will take over in other existing associations. I wrote to Cyril Hanouna to tell him that I declined his offer as a columnist.

    I will be present for the last time on Saturday at the demo and then jI will return to do what I love more than anything: take care of my daughter and her horses!

    In a few weeks I will give up my shares held in my cabinet and I will hang the long desired! Thank you to my detractors for allowing me to rush a project that mhe cared so much about him.

    To my supporters I say that salvation will come from no one but your ability to resist! “

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