[Faits Divers] Alison Rato sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder of her lover

    ST DENIS. Alison Rato was tried since yesterday, at the Assize Court of Saint-Denis, for the murder of her lover Patrice Dosity, nicknamed Ti Pat, in April 2019. Shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the verdict fell, Alison Rato was sentenced to 18 years of criminal imprisonment, the Advocate General had requested 20 years.


    I never wanted to kill him, now I’m going to live with this death on my conscience until the end of my life“Says Alison Rato in a sob. She has been on trial since yesterday for the murder of Patrice Dosity, April 9, 2019, at the Petit Saint-Pierre in Sainte-Anne. 23 years old at the time of the facts, the young woman did not Still does not explain the fatal stab that she inflicted on her lover after a violent argument at a friend’s house. Arrived the day before for an evening, she had asked her host to go find Patrice whom she did not want “leave alone“. Alcohol, zamal, rivotril and ecstasy are also part of the game. In the morning, Patrice goes to get a new bottle of whiskey and the party continues.

    I went to bed around 5 a.m. and was woken up by an argument between Alison and Patrice in the kitchen. She called her cousin to come get her because I had asked them to leave. I then saw that he had my box of jewelry in his hand (the bottle of whiskey was paid for with money stolen from the witness and several jewelry from the witness were found on Patrice, Editor’s note). I picked it up and Alison threw her hands towards Patrice. He went out and back, and she took a knife from the edge of the sink asking him to leave. He came out and she followed him. I tried to hold her back, but she was stronger“, says Muriel, the friend of Alison at which the evening took place. She thus describes several back and forth movements, and screams in the street until the fatal blow.”It was calm, I thought it was over and there she kicked it off. She took her bag and she left“, recalls Muriel at the helm.

    By the accused’s own admission, the origin of the dispute is linked to the type of relationship she had with the victim. In a relationship with another man, at the time in detention, she began dating Patrice in February. “From the start, I was clear that I had a boyfriend. At first he agreed, but the more time passed, the more he asked me to choose. And that morning I got a call from my boyfriend in jail and he didn’t like it“says Alison.”I liked him, I got attached to him. I helped him with his papers so he could see his daughter, we supported each other“, continues the accused.”Can we say that you were in love ?“Asks his lawyer, Me Julien Barraco.”Yes, I didn’t want to admit it compared to my other boyfriend. The other was in jail and we end up appreciating the one we are with all the time more. I was not playing on two counts. It’s just a fight gone bad. I would have continued with him and ended up leaving the other in prison“, confesses the accused.

    “I killed Ti Pat”

    Everything went so fast, I saw him with a clenched fist and I told myself that if I let go of the knife, he was going to languish me. I didn’t care where I was aiming with fear“, continues the young woman.”He wouldn’t let go, he always refused to leave after an argument“. Come to testify at the bar, William, Patrice’s brother, explains how he, by chance, came across Alison who was hitchhiking just after the fact.”I parked, and she was crying. She told me ‘he is breathing more, I killed your brother, I killed Ti Pat’. I told her to take me, and once in the street, she got out of the vehicle, refusing to return to the scene. In the car she told me about the time she was going to spend in prison, but I didn’t listen to her. I ran to the end of the dead end and saw my brother on the ground with a blood stain on the T-shirt. I will never forget this picture“, describes the young man very moved.

    Already twice convicted of violent acts, Alison is described as an antisocial and impulsive person by the expert psychiatrist. “It is the encounter between his personality type, with an intolerance to frustration, and his alcohol consumption that explains the facts.“, analyzes the expert. The day today will be devoted to the last testimonies, to the requisitions of the general prosecutor’s office and to the pleadings of the lawyers, before a verdict in the afternoon. Alison faces 30 years in prison.

    Maxime Bonnet

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