father with gunshot wounds confesses to organizing his own assault

    Alex Murdaugh, hospitalized after being shot in the head, admitted to organizing the assault himself so that his son could receive $ 10 million in insurance.

    Each step of the investigations surrounding the Murdaugh family reveals their share of sordid details. Alex Murdaugh, the father of this powerful dynasty of lawyers based in South Carolina, was hospitalized after being shot in the head in early September. But on Tuesday, authorities announced that he himself had staged the attack. A man, Curtis Eddie Smith, 61, has been arrested. Well known to the family, he was allegedly hired by Alex Murdaugh to shoot him. He already played the role of personal drug dealer with him, reports FITS News. According to the official statement, the suspect was charged with “assisted suicide, aggravated assault and battery, robbery and presentation of a firearm, insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit financial fraud. assurance”.

    Alex Murdaugh would indeed have fomented this crime during which he should have died, so that his son receives the 10 million dollars of life insurance. To carry out his disastrous project, Alex Murdaugh would have provided his accomplice with the weapon used to shoot him. On the day of the shooting, Curtis Eddie Smith allegedly followed Alex Murdaugh to Old Salkehatchie Road and shot the lawyer in the head as he stood on the pavement. The suspect then fled and abandoned the weapon. But Alex Murdaugh survived and told police he was shot while changing a wheel on his car.

    This new development adds a little more trouble to this strange family. The mother, Maggie, and one of the two sons, Paul, were shot dead this summer in their hunting lodge. The suspect (s) are still at large. Then, last week, Alex Murdaugh announced his departure from the family business, founded by his great-grandfather in 1910. “The murders of my wife and son have caused an incredibly difficult time in my life. I made a lot of decisions that I really regret. I am resigning from my law firm and entering rehab after a long battle that has been exacerbated by these murders, ”he said in a statement obtained by“ The Island Packet ”, sent from the hospital. But it was later revealed by the “New York Times” that the powerful lawyer had been pushed out after the opening of an investigation in his office, in which he is accused of embezzling funds.

    A series of strange stories

    While the mother Maggie was described in “People” as a loving, caring person who “cherished her family and loved spending time on the boat with her two sons,” others spoke of how fearful this family was. . “We must not cross the path of the Murdaughs. Or if you do, you shouldn’t let them know you’ve crossed their path. Because they will fall on you, hard. And they will do it with whatever they have. They have a lot of influence and power, and they use that against their enemies, ”said a local lawyer.

    A series of mysterious stories surround the family. Before his murder, Paul Murdaugh was awaiting trial after a 2019 boating accident in which a 19-year-old girl was killed. He was at the helm and was extremely drunk at the time of the tragedy. “It’s a different person who changes completely” when he is intoxicated, had told at the time of the investigation the boyfriend of Mallory Beach. The boy was transforming so much that his friends had even given him another name, “Timmy”, to qualify him when he was drinking. On the evening of the accident, he allegedly argued with people on board. The charges against him were dropped after his death. Last month, prosecutor Duffie Stone, who ended the Murdaugh dynasty in 2006 after his father retired, recused himself from the case due to a possible conflict of interest. It was a close relative of the family.

    In June, authorities also announced that they had reopened an investigation into the 2015 death of a young man, Stephen Smith, who was found lifeless on the side of a road about ten miles from the Murdaugh’s home. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spokesman Tommy Crosby said the reopening of the case was “based on information gathered during the investigation into the double murder of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh “. He explained to local media FITSNews that his team had received several information related to this case in the past and after the Murdaugh’s death was announced. Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old nursing student, was found on July 8, 2015 with a head injury. Authorities had concluded that there was a homicide but had found no evidence to allow further investigation and ultimately ruled that the death was likely the result of a hit-and-run. According to the young man’s mother at the time, the Murdaugh family would have influenced the conclusions of the investigation.

    Questions about the death of Gloria Satterfield, 57, who died after a “fall” in Hampton County on February 26, 2018, have also been raised after the murders of Maggie and Paul. This woman was, according to local media, the housekeeper of the family. A few months later, Alex Murdaugh had filed a wrongful death complaint. In October 2020, FITSNews reported that Alex was the only party in this case and that his insurance had paid him $ 500,000 as well as 5,000 corresponding to the reimbursement of the victim’s medical care. But justice did not specify why this man was considered the beneficiary of this money after the death.

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