Formula 1 | Hamilton and Verstappen’s crash will be discussed by the pilots

    Carlos Sainz understands that there are more accidents between two candidates for the world title. So he finds it logical that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have already come to hang on twice this season. The Ferrari driver anticipates a discussion on this subject at the next driver briefing.

    “I think it’s always preventable” he replied. “Two drivers don’t hang on if they don’t want to. Fighting so hard for the championship you are more exposed to these kinds of incidents like we’ve seen in the past. is a natural thing in Formula 1. “

    “From my point of view, the accident was pretty clear but I’m not going to give you my opinion because I feel that there are going to be discussions at the next pilots meeting and we need to talk about this among ourselves. “

    His teammate Charles Leclerc, who almost scored a podium after the two title candidates crashed, agrees with the increased risk of a crash: “It’s normal to see these types of accidents.”

    “They are fighting for a world championship and both want to win, like I would if I was in this position. So it’s understandable to see these types of fights, as we’ve seen happen in the past. “

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