Formula 1 | Marko accuses Mercedes F1 of ‘making stories’ after Monza crash

    Dr Helmut Marko has once again added fuel to the fire by suggesting that Mercedes is to blame for fueling the controversy surrounding the crash of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Monza.

    “It was a normal racing incident,” the Red Bull consultant had said on several occasions.

    But Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff immediately called it “tactical fault” from the Dutch pilot.

    “For me what we have to avoid in the future is to see a driver tactically eliminated a la Verstappen because you know you lost position. The only question is’ How many crashes do we want see in the future in order to prevent a guy from winning and the other way around? ‘ Formula 1 needs to address this issue, “ he said.

    Asked about these words, Marko thinks that Wolff and Hamilton are guilty of blaming the affair … which Red Bull – Marko first – did not hesitate to do at Silverstone for a long time!

    “All the stories surrounding the accident were created by Mercedes. Verstappen was already out of his car when Hamilton was trying to get his car out of the gravel. So he was fine. Why accuse Verstappen of disinterest? The medical car saw him. also and continued on his way. “

    “And then, then, they said ‘poor Hamilton’ was suddenly hurt.”

    As for the claim that Verstappen deliberately knocked out his rival to prevent Hamilton from gaining the advantage and winning at Monza, the infamous “tactical foul”, Marko replies: “What nonsense. Mercedes was too slow to win.”

    Finally, Marko rejected the suggestion that Mercedes won’t add a single evolution to its 2021 F1 for the end of the title battle.

    “I don’t believe a word of what they say about it. The five point lead we have doesn’t mean anything. It will be exciting until the last race.”

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