Hapsatou Sy comes out of “6 months of illness”: Eric Zemmour is not for nothing, she explains …

    The lively clash between Hapsatou Sy and Eric Zemmour about the origin of the columnist’s first name in September 2018 in Sunday Earthlings (C8) is not forgotten. Three years later, the lover of the host Vincent Cerutti, renamed Corinne on the set, still suffers. Tuesday, September 14, 2021, in a story on her Instagram account, the charming 40-year-old brunette opens up and talks about the dramatic consequences of this buzz sequence.

    Eric Zemmour continues to harass me, she regrets. In his latest book, which I don’t want to read but whose pages about me have been sent to me, he continues to attack my identity and my name, but also my background and my history.“And to indicate that the famous television passage made”a lot of damage“in his personal life:”This harassment has been going on since 2018. To all the political class who were outraged when this man was pursued in the street, I hear your silence. The aggression of a racist polemicist hungry for violence affects you more than repeated assaults with much more serious consequences of a young woman.

    The mother of Abbie (5 years old) and Isaac (soon 2 years old) assures that “without physically touching people“, Eric Zemmour”assaults with even more violence“. That’s what she went through.”I come out of six months of illness, touched by this disease that I thought was stinking but painless“, she declares, without however saying more about this disease which made her suffer so much.

    A few days after announcing to leave the Canal + group, where she had to “overcome many hardships“, Hapsatou Sy seems more determined than ever.”At the time of these debates on first names, I receive horrors every day. But you won’t win“, she assures. A text straight from the heart.

    Recall that after having renamed Hapsatou Sy “Corinne” because her first name was “an insult to France“in front of many viewers, the latter had lodged a complaint. Since then, the polemicist has also been the subject of several complaints …

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