“Hissed and insulted”, Griezmann in the middle of a nightmare

    Antoine Griezmann’s return to Atlético de Madrid is getting more complicated. For his premiere at the Wanda Metropolitano this Wednesday, the Frenchman could be boasted.

    Two short seasons after leaving him for FC Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann returned to Atlético de Madrid. Former darling of Madrid supporters, the French has since fallen sharply in their hearts and in their esteem. The fault in particular with its true-false start, before it leaves for good Colchoneros one year later. One way of doing that the fans of the club still have their throats and that some of them intend to make him pay.

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    President of the International Union of Atlético Peñas, Eduardo Fernandez announced the color in the columns of The team. The latter thus announces to Griezmann that his first at home, this Wednesday against Porto (9 p.m.), as part of the group stage of the Champions League, will be difficult to live with. ” Part of the audience will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball.

    A reason for hope?

    And this one to explain very exactly the state of mind of the Madrid supporters: ” We were hurt by his departure, and especially the way he did it. It is unanimous among the supporters. We have the feeling of having been led away and deceived. “The general impression is therefore that Antoine Griezmann was not honest and frank:” Despite everything he could say, he wasn’t that true to our colors.

    But as nothing is ever all black or all white, Eduardo Fernandez still sketches a slightly more optimistic note for the tricolor world champion: ” A minority will still applaud him. Even though I didn’t like what he did, that I don’t forget him and that I don’t forgive him, I’m not going to do either. Like the majority of supporters. Because to whistle one of our players is to shoot yourself in the foot.

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