Indochina back in studio to record new album

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    To our celebrations has been singing Indochine for over a year. And that is to say the least ! The group of Nicola Sirkis launched with great fanfare the festivities around its 40 years of career last year with the release of two compilations, “Singles Collection 2001-2021” then “1981-2001”, entered number one in sales, and which accumulate today a total of 360,000 copies sold. A great success for the band who lived in glory and crossed the desert. We didn’t give a lot of our skin when we started the group. Dj, the name didn’t make it easy. (…) When Dominik Nicolas left in 1994, we were still giving much less for our skin, but we went to plug the holes in the hold. I have the impression that we have been doing much better for 20 years Nicola Sirkis confided our microphone during an interview around the 40 years of Indochina.

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    But the holiday will be even more beautiful from May 21, 2022 with the long-awaited launch of the “Central Tour”, postponed for one year because of the coronavirus. While 4 of the 6 concerts are already sold out, the band recently unveiled a tantalizing teaser highlighting what will be the central stage of these concerts with the greatest gusto. never realized . In addition, the band behind the hits “The Adventurer” or “I asked for the moon” has just announced a YouTube live the date of September 29, 6 pm, 40 years just after the first concert of the group. What will be announced during this live? Mystery! Still, Indochina is teeming with ideas and surprises to seduce its fans. And they should be in heaven since the group has just started recording their new album Brussels.

    “14 bb 14”

    On Friday, Nicola Sirkis posted on her social networks a photo of him in the studio with the mysterious caption 14 bb 14 + . Information since confirmed by the journalist and musical host of Europe 1 Emilie Mazoyer on her Twitter account. There is no doubt that this next Indochina album will be eagerly awaited as it will follow “13”, a huge success with more than 500,000 copies sold, thus signing the group’s biggest commercial success since “Paradize”. It was during press conferences Marseille or Bordeaux, to announce the postponement of the concerts of the “Central Tour”, that Nicola Sirkis had confirmed that he and his acolytes had started working on new songs which should see the light of day in 2022.

    In the summer of 2021, we were supposed to go into the studio … Well, we’re going to be back in the studio sooner than planned, to offer new songs and prepare a new album. It will be released in 2022, just before or just after the anniversary tour had then confided the leader of the band for 40 years: Each album is a new beginning, we put the group back to zero. We know where we’re going, between London and Brussels, and we’ll get out what comes out of it. But what we release is what we love. We will try to write with one eye on the guitar, another on the fight . Strongly!

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