Jeedom Atlas: you will know everything about THE new home automation box for the start of the school year!

    You will no doubt have noticed that the Jeedom Smart home automation box has been difficult to obtain lately? Normal, the French company was preparing the release of its new home automation box, called Jeedom Atlas! The new flagship of home automation, which remains at the same price, but which sees its capacities reach new heights! Let’s take stock …

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    Jeedom Atlas, new home automation flagship

    If the packaging remains the same, the Jeedom Atlas has a very nice new look, with a shiny and semi-transparent surface on the top.

    jeedom atlas 8

    The black aluminum case is very qualitative: pretty and solid. If the Jeedom Atlas is not yet a design object to show off proudly in your living room (like a Homey for example), we still go up a notch, with a very well finished product.

    jeedom atlas compare 2
    At the top the first version, Jeedom Mini, in the center the Jeedom Smart, and finally the Jeedom Atlas
    jeedom atlas compare 3

    The underside has rubber pads for stability, but above all two wall brackets. Very practical to integrate it directly into the box!

    jeedom atlas 10

    There is of course an SMA antenna connector, the size of which will be different depending on the version of the box, available in Zwave +, ZigBee, and EnOcean.

    jeedom atlas 7

    On the side, we find the power port, which now switches to Usb-C, more common than the connections of the previous version. An audio output jack is also present.

    jeedom atlas 9

    Practical, the braided Usb cord offers angled connectors, which takes up less space.

    jeedom atlas 3
    jeedom atlas 12
    The angled plug avoids having a cable that protrudes too much
    jeedom atlas compare 1
    The angled plug keeps a compact unit despite the cables. Example here attached to the wall.

    Finally, there is also a gigabit ethernet port, as well as two Usb 2 sockets, and two Usb 3 sockets, which will allow you to connect external devices to increase the possibilities of the Jeedom Atlas box (such as Usb dongles of other protocols in order to make it multiprotocol).

    jeedom atlas 5

    At first glance, one might think that this new Jeedom Atlas is based on a Raspberry Pi 4. But connoisseurs will immediately see that the Usb and ethernet ports are reversed.

    This new Jeedom Atlas is in fact based on a RockPi 4B card, better responding to the constraints of such a solution. In addition to its more powerful processor (6-core processor, 64-bit Dual Cortex-A72 2.0Ghz and quad Cortex-A53 1.5Ghz) and its 4GB DDR4 Ram, the RockPi uses an Emmc type memory for storage, much more stable than the micro SD of the Raspberry Pi (unless you use an SSD with the Rapsberry Pi…).

    jeedom atlas 13 1
    On the right, on the GPIO connectors, the ZigBee card. This will change depending on the version of the box: Zwave, EnOcean, or ZigBee.

    In fact this RockPi is so versatile that it even accepts SSDs in M.2 NVME format! But hey, for home automation use, the EMMC has already proven its worth, and the 32GB delivered on this Jeedom Atlas should meet all needs (compared to the 8GB previously offered on the Jeedom Smart).

    jeedom atlas 15
    The M.2 connector is located on the underside of the card, which unfortunately forces the SSD to be on top of the processor. The use of EMMC is therefore perhaps more reasonable to avoid overheating …

    We will also note in passing the presence of a battery to maintain the RTC clock, which could sometimes cause problems on previous versions.

    This RockPi also has an HDMI port, which Jeedom has decided to hide in the box. A choice that we will understand, this box is not intended to be connected to a screen anyway. And aesthetically, this allows the design to be refined as much as possible.

    The aluminum case contributes to the evacuation of heat, especially as a pad is glued to the processor to ensure the transmission of heat to the case.

    jeedom atlas 20

    Among the other properties of this card, and operated by Jeedom, also note the Wifi connections (2.4 and 5Ghz) as well as Bluetooth v5.

    We therefore have a small bomb to ensure the home automation functions of the house: power, speed, and connectivity.

    32 jeedom atlas infographic 3840x2160 1

    Jeedom Atlas / Smart comparison

    To locate this new home automation box, here is a small comparison of the characteristics:

    comparative jeedom smart atlas 1

    Same price as its big sister, but with characteristics that have clearly evolved!

    Should we switch to this new Jeedom Atlas?

    Like any geek, we are always tempted to migrate to the new version that is coming out. On the software side, it remains the Jeedom V4, whether on the Smart or the Atlas, so it will not change the user experience or the functionalities.

    If your solution is working fine right now, there’s no need to change. If, on the other hand, your Jeedom begins to saturate because of the number of peripherals and scenarios to manage, or the disk space is too limited for logs and camera captures for example, this Jeedom Atlas will clearly allow you to regain your breath . Thanks to Jeedom’s backup system, it will also be very easy to migrate!

    Installed just a few days at home, I will come back in more detail on its performance in a future article.

    What about the pros?

    Jeedom has been offering a Pro version for a long time, intended for integrators. Using the same hardware, only the presentation changes, since it is presented in a Rail Din box, to be inserted directly into an electrical panel. This Jeedom Atlas Pro therefore uses the same principle: same hardware, but in a Raild Din box. Note however that in addition to the Zwave +, EnOcean, and ZigBee versions, a KNX version will also be offered.


    Where to find the Jeedom Atlas?

    This new Jeedom Atlas home automation box is of course available at its official reseller, Domadoo:

    Last update was on: September 15, 2021 7 h 03 min

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