Marion Game cash on her ex Jacques Martin: “He brought his mouth back, all the time”

    Jordan De Luxe had the pleasure of receiving Marion game in his show The moment of luxury, on Télé Star Play. An interview unveiled on September 15, 2021. With the outspokenness that we know, the actress of Scenes of households (M6) notably mentioned his relationship with the late Jacques Martin.

    It was in 1968 that Marion Game met Jacques Martin. At the time, she was 25 years old and was starting her acting career. After seeing her on stage, the star host gave her a bouquet of flowers. Both end up falling in love and live a beautiful love story until 1972. If usually, the interpreter of Huguette showed her assertive character, she learned to erase it with her old love. “Me, I stashed that a lot, I didn’t want to show it too much. (…). I left because Jacques Martin was not my life“, she explained to Jordan de Luxe on Télé Star Play. And to specify that the presenter of The fan school “wanted to reign.

    He brought his face back all the time. It was years off the mark, I had nothing to do with this man! It was ‘me I’, ‘me I’ ! I had my career to do. At one point it was no longer possible, so I left“, she continued. Unsurprisingly, Jacques Martin was”very unhappy“. He himself a bit to have taken such a decision. So, he tried to get Marion Game back, without success.

    Already last May, Gérard Hernandez’s partner in M6’s fiction evoked this rupture with our colleagues from Parisian. A love affair ended because of the jealousy of the host. “His drama is that he wanted to become an actor. (…) He was jealous of my career. I chose the career. He saw it as a rivalry. It was something he didn’t have access to. He was very popular at the time, but I represented his failure. He was not made for the theater, “said Marion Game. And to conclude: “I didn’t leave him for that. But I left him because it was impossible to live with. He was in pain all the time. His notoriety didn’t feed him. It didn’t interest him. He wanted to. to be an actor“, she explained in particular.

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