Shortage, price increase … What awaits you for pasta, coffee or toys “in the months to come”

    The global tension on raw materials combined with the lengthening of delivery times could induce price increases or even shortages on certain products.

    Car dealerships and furniture stores like Ikea are already paying the price: the global shortage of raw materials and transport difficulties in turn generate supply problems that could soon affect large-scale distribution, particularly in the retail sectors. food and toys.

    Supply difficulties expected “in the coming months”, estimates Dominique Schelcher, CEO of Système U this Wednesday on Europe 1, who observes “a very strong tension on certain products such as wheat-based products, such as pasta or coffee”.

    Toys “a point of concern”

    The same goes for the toys that constitute “a point of concern” adds the leader. “It will particularly concern toys that come from Asia. […] Today we lack electronic parts to make toys but we also lack transport “. A news that should not please parents, just over three months before Christmas.

    Dominique Schelcher: “There is a very strong tension on a certain number of products, such as wheat-based products, pasta (…) What concerns me is the availability of certain products in the coming months” # Europe1

    – Europe 1 ??? (@ Europe1) September 14, 2021

    At the same time, the leader admits that it will be necessary to accept price increases, insisted on by manufacturers for several weeks in the face of rising costs. “There could be a possible rise that we will try to control”, he tries to reassure.

    “We must not come back in May 2020”

    For his part, the executive director of purchasing and marketing Lidl France was more reassuring on Tuesday on BFM Business. “There will be no shortage, no pasta, no toilet paper, no flour”, he assured. “We must not come back in May 2020 where everyone was throwing themselves on toilet paper, on pasta.”

    “There are price increases”, nevertheless confirmed Michel Biero, explaining them by “a very strong inflation on durum wheat” which “affects pasta to the tune of 7 cents per package of 500 grams”.

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