[Société] Blockages for “the abolition of the pass and the dear life”: slowdowns in the South this morning

    – Updated at 1 p.m. –

    This Wednesday, September 15, a call was made on social networks, by some of the groups who have been demonstrating every Saturday for 9 weeks against the health pass and vaccination. From 6.30 am, a handful of demonstrators began to block traffic on the four lanes between Saint-Pierre and Saint-Louis, but were quickly dislodged by the police. At midday, no more blockages were observed.

    This Wednesday morning, around 6:30 am, about fifteen demonstrators undertook to block traffic at Pierrefonds, on the four lanes between Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre, sometimes in one direction, sometimes in the other. But the police intervened a few minutes later to put an end to this makeshift roadblock made of a few pallets and bins.

    Traffic was greatly slowed down, even stopped for a few minutes, but it was able to resume following the intervention of the police. Despite everything, slowdowns were still observed in the area around 8 a.m., especially in the direction of Saint-Pierre.

    The prefect Jacques Billant also strongly condemned this undeclared demonstration.

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    Elsewhere on the island, no particular difficulty linked to another dam has yet been noted, apart from the usual traffic jams. The police were also very present on the main roads this morning. At the end of the morning, a small group of demonstrators, about twenty, met at the Dancers at the Port roundabout. They then moved towards the roundabout of the Citronnelle hill, a little further. But no traffic blockage has been observed for the moment.

    On this symbolic day of the application of the vaccination obligation to professionals in contact with the fragile public, these citizen groups want to make their voices heard in the streets … by blocking them. “In the” yellow vest pei “but better”, can we read on the relayed calls.

    Beyond the question of sanitary measures, another subject is put on the table: that of the cost of living. Faced with the increase in the prices of certain products, correlated with that of maritime traffic, these collectives are calling for the “economy to be knocked out”, on the assumption that it is through this that they will force the government to bend before their demands.

    Various blockades have been announced, everywhere on the island, or nearly 20 places – the same where we found the yellow vests in 2018 – where the demonstrators are called to mobilize this Wednesday morning. A call that was not really followed up, since only the four lanes of Saint-Pierre was affected by a short-term blockage this morning.

    The movement is desired “unlimited” in the duration. It remains to be seen whether it will be followed.

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