soon a rule to avoid candidates present for months like Bruno? Jean-Luc Reichmann responds

    This Wednesday, September 15, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Bruno, the master of the 12 strokes of noon, gave an interview to Télé Magazine. The opportunity for the host to answer questions about a supposed change of rules in the game of TF1.

    It is the record holder of the 12 strokes of noon. For many months, Bruno has been the champion of TF1’s flagship midday program. Approaching a million euros and having already won 9 mysterious stars, the young man makes the happiness of the private channel and allows it to know stratospheric audiences. Indeed, the game animated by Jean-Luc Reichmann regularly flirts with the 40% audience share. Questioned by us, the candidate did not expect such a rain of records and he does not intend to be eliminated from the game anytime soon. “Little by little, we say to ourselves that it is possible to go this far. I never had the pretension to beat all these records. I had won two Masters Strokes as soon as I arrived in the game, and won 30,000 euros. If I had to quit the game at that time, I already told myself that this sum was enormous “, he had declared.

    A change of rules?

    This Wednesday September 15, with the approach of the million euros, Bruno and Jean-Luc Reichmann gave an interview to TV Magazine. First of all, the young participant affirmed that he will give everything to pass the fateful million mark and then affirmed that he was going to invest his money in the rental in order to ensure him monthly annuities. Then, the host of the 12 blows of noon first greeted Bruno’s brilliant career before being questioned on a possible modification of the rules of the game in order to set a limit of participation for the masters of noon. It is not at all relevant, I am always amazed to meet such strong people. Bruno’s reflection, I had never seen it at another midday master “, did he declare.

    Bruno wins 9 cars

    With 9 cars to his credit thanks to the mysterious stars, Bruno has his arms loaded with gifts. “Isn’t that a bit too much?”, we asked Jean-Luc Reichmann. Response from the interested party: “He is free to take them or not to take them. Let us not forget that all the winnings and all the gifts are shared with a viewer. All this is only a pretext to save a viewer”.

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