the assumed risk of Benzema with an old injury

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    This is undoubtedly part of the sacrifices of top footballers. Dealing with injury and physical risk is the daily life of great players, too important for their teams to take the time to treat themselves properly. Karim Benzema can verify this with a hand injury that he has been dragging for quite some time, whether with Real Madrid or the France team now.

    Benzema force on finger injury

    And yesterday at a press conference, KB9 assumed a rather unreasonable management of this glitch on his finger, on which he was injured again after having skipped the necessary convalescence after the first operation. “I had the operation but I had to be off work for two months and I wanted to help my teammates. I hurt myself again and now I don’t have time to stop and get re-operated. That’s why I play with a bandage, ”explains the Madrid striker.

    to summarize

    French Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema made no secret of the press that he had been making up for a long time with a hand injury. And the striker of the France team even recognizes managing it in a way that is not really reasonable.

    Julien pedebos

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