The real 5G speeds of Free Mobile in Paris

    The real 5G speeds of Free Mobile in Paris

    Our partner RNC Mobile publishes its first 5G speed observatory in Paris. This provides an overview of the performance offered by the 5G network of Free Mobile.

    No, Free Mobile’s 4G is not faster than its 5G. Following the publication of the barometer not sparing Free Mobile on 5G speeds in the capital, the RNC Mobile team questions the latter’s conclusions in its own observatory of flows in Paris . Xavier Niel’s operator would offer speeds much higher than the 36.4 Mbits / s on average displayed in the QoSi study.

    According to the RNCMobile method which is based on 851 measurements, the Parisian situation (light blue) closely matches the national situation (dark blue) for the lowest throughput measurements (less than 75 Mbps: 25% of the tests in both cases).

    On the other hand, as soon as we move towards the median (50% of tests), the speed goes from 165.5Mbps nationally to 261Mbps in Paris. This change reflects the greater proportion of sites equipped with 3.5GHz in Paris (37% technically operational: 75 out of 202 sites) on 10/09/2021 than in the region (13.7%: 1,575 out of 114,501 sites) the increase is thus by a factor of 1.58 between the 2.

    Beyond the median, the third quartile (75% of the weakest tests) goes from 301.1 to 447.4 Mbps, a gap of nearly 150 Mbps. For the best speedtests (10% of cases), the threshold goes from 478 to 670 Mbps, or a difference of nearly 200 Mbps.

    Another light also makes it possible to visualize the difference in the situation of Paris and the whole of the metropolis by adopting a division by slice.

    Flow tests greater than 400 Mbps (implying the presence of the 3.5 GHz band on the measured site) go from 16.5% to 31%. The speedtests database collected by the RNCMobile community therefore confirms the level of progress announced by Free Mobile. According to RNCMobile, its results formally contradict the conclusions of certain media according to which it only develops a few sites equipped with a 3.5GHz frequency.

    The 851 5G measures relate to 128 sites different and were made by around fifty users of the RNCMobile application. The measurements are performed in multi-thread (from 4 to 20 threads) unlike some studies which use single-thread. Two-thirds of the tests relate to a duration of 10 seconds.

    For those interested, the full observatory is available at this address.

    Illustration credit: @ tomf1zz/ @ fr33

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