the site is no longer accessible, customers are distraught

    Gearbest, the famous Chinese high-tech e-commerce site, is no more. Indeed, it has become impossible to access the site for a few days and according to many sources, the owner is in the process of declaring bankruptcy of the site. A catastrophic situation, both for the employees and the customers of the site.

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    This is the news that we would have gone well this Tuesday, September 14, 2021. GearBest, a famous Chinese e-commerce site specializing in high-tech and for a long time the main competitor of AliExpress, has closed its doors. Indeed, it has been impossible to access the site for a few days, and according to many sources familiar with the matter, the situation is not likely to improve, quite the contrary.

    As explained by our colleagues from the site, the owner will declare Gearbest bankrupt in a few days. According to their information, the global Covid-19 pandemic has been fatal for the Chinese store. The problems started at the start of 2021, when many customers were dismayed a significant rise in prices (more than 100% in some cases) on a multitude of flagship products of the store, including smartphones, 3D printers and drones.

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    Gearbest’s Descent into Hell

    Unsurprisingly, customers have deserted the site, preferring to go to AliExpress or Trading Shenzhen to find cheaper products. The vicious circle was in place. Logistical problems linked to the pandemic did not help matters, to such an extent that the company was experiencing huge delays in deliveries or did not deliver the ordered products at all. Of course, complaints have multiplied, especially on the TrustPilot site where you can read a multitude of worrying comments about Gearbest, either for orders never fulfilled, or for refunds that are desperately awaiting.

    I ordered a smartphone in mid-July. I contacted them in mid-August: it is no longer in stock. Via a chat, I cancel my order and take the opportunity to request a refund. Of course, there is no problem because the seller accepts my disclaimer. I’m still waiting ! It is also impossible to know the following “with their ticket” which refers me to an invalid URL ”, tells a user on TrustPilot on September 13, 2021.

    In addition to this, many websites that offer affiliate links to Gearbest products do not have no more income received from the Chinese company. And it was precisely thanks to the affiliates that Gearbest had carved out a good reputation … And a week ago now, Gearbest’s parent company, Global Top-E Commerce, has gone bankrupt. For now, Gearbest teams remain silent. We will update this article as soon as we have an official statement from them. As a reminder, a security breach exposed the personal data of Gearbest customers in 2019, already weakening users’ trust in the site.

    Source: GizChina

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