VIDEO. Toyota Yaris Cross, the small city car takes over

    Voted Car of the Year 2021, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, has an all-wheel drive version, a rarity in the SUV segment, which allows the small city car to escape safely on the country tracks. .

    On your left, the big 4/4 Landcruiser, which hardly any difficulty of ground pushes back. To the right, the little Yaris that we usually see in town, endowed with remarkable dexterity. In the middle “La Cross”. A sort of Hybrid between “the Big” and “the small”, which adds a great opportunity in the Toyota range. The Japanese brand has capitalized on areas that it fully masters: the SUV, hybridization and four-wheel drive. This aggressive style Cross was designed (Nice Sophia Antipolis) and built in France. One more advantage for this new model, which according to the state of the road or the track, automatically triggers a second electric motor on the rear axle, making it switch to intelligent all-wheel drive AWD-i (optional), to improve the motor skills. With the possibility of blocking it on this option, if your route becomes complicated by choosing trail or snow mode.

    4G card included

    At first glance, it is a new line. However, it is only the Yaris which has become gentrified by taking height (+ 3cm) in length (4.18m), square wheel arches and shields giving it an adventurous air, with its 18-inch wheels. inches. Its two-tone color “Pure gold”, one of the options in the catalog, will give it a great elegance indè a machja Corsa.

    The interior is modeled on that of the Yaris, with well-placed ergonomics, plenty of storage space, an induction smartphone plate, a head-up display, a 9 “multi-media touch screen, equipped with a new functionality: A card 4G (without subscription for 4 years) allowing you to connect directly to the car and use all of its functions remotely (doors, trunk, heating, air conditioning, etc.). Roominess at the rear will be a bit tight for large sizes, but the trunk offers a capacity of 400 liters.

    To park, the Cross benefits from the semi-automatic parking system, with a 360 ° camera.

    A versatile car

    Under the hood, “only” 116 hp extracted from the three cylinder 1.51 petrol, to push almost a ton and a half, associated with two eclectic engines. The first participates in traction, the second as a generator. So no ecological tax, with low CO2 emissions.

    With only a variable-speed automatic gearbox, the start of the dealership

    Monti in Biguglia, is done in the silence of a cathedral, as well as the traffic in town, the Cross only uses the electric motor.

    As soon as you get into the fast lane and when accelerating, the engine makes itself heard as well as when decelerating, with an impression by “putting the rubber on”, of skating a little in a vacuum (due to continuously variable transmission). In town the car weaves its way through and on mountain roads the firmer suspension makes the car very agile.

    The first track that presents itself is swallowed smoothly, or the 18-inch wheels, soak up the chaotic pavement, without any discomfort for the passengers. Consumption remains low with 5.5 1 / l00km and by switching the lever to mode B, you will accentuate the regeneration of the electric motors.

    A very good car perfectly adapted to Corsica, which will allow you depending on the season to go to the beach, by the long track of Saleccia, or to go on ski touring in the valley of Asco, while keeping the comfort of driving a sedan. Entry-level Yaris Cross from € 25,500.


    • Price of the model tested “Première”: 34,500 €
    • Displacement (cm3): 1490
    • Power (hp): 116
    • Weight (Kg): 1360
    • Motorization: hybrid
    • Transmission: all-wheel drive (AWD-i)
    • Consumption (1/100 km): 4.5 to 5
    • Dimensions: Length 4,180 – Width: 1,765 – Height: 1,560 Wheelbase: 2,560
    • Safe: 400L

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