why Camille Santoro (Large families) did not want to fully film her childbirth

    Since Monday, September 13, Large families: life in XXL has returned to TF1. Every late afternoon, a new number is offered on the private channel. This Tuesday, viewers were able to find the Gomez, who left the capital to change their life and settle in Lozère. On the Dol side, Lisandro spent the day with his stepfather Alexandre, to whom he loves to sing Beau-papa de Vianney. As for the Santoro family, it has grown! Camille gave birth to little Alba. If the mother gave birth a few months ago – the program having been shot last spring – afiocionados have finally been able to discover the images of childbirth … well, almost.

    Today’s episode opens with Camille Santoro, then one month before the end of her pregnancy, who evokes the pain of her contractions: “I feel that my body has already been working for a week. (…) Last night , it is the first time that a pain of contractions woke me up “. Neither one nor two, Nicolas drives his wife to the hospital for simple checks. In the car, the pain intensifies. Arrived at the maternity ward, the young woman understands that it is the day when she will give birth to her sixth child. The epidural put, she “pushes twice” before welcoming her daughter in her arms. “There, there is everything that mixes. It’s just joy!”, Shares Nicolas. For Camille, this new arrival “closes (their) family in the most beautiful way”. On screen, parents (…)

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