The mysterious “Lille disease” worries northern social networks, the ARS reassures

    On social networks, a multitude of young people from the Lille metropolis evoke a mysterious “Lille disease” with similar symptoms to the common cold in recent days. Health professionals seem not to be very worried.

    In recent days, the name has been circulating on social networks. A multitude of Internet users, often young, evoke a mysterious “Lille disease”, each time with the same flu-like symptoms: fever, cough, chills, headaches, muscle and joint pain, etc …

    “I have Lille disease I have more voice,” says one. “I have a sore throat, I’m catching the Lille disease I believe … “, complains yet another. Others even go there with their hypothesis, evoking a new variant of the coronavirus:” Imagine it is not Lille disease but a variant of Covid, c ‘is hot “, worries a user.

    Several say they fell ill after a rally, such as when 32,000 people attended the LOSC Champions League match on Wednesday at the Pierre Mauroy stadium.

    The “suspicion of Covid-19” dismissed by the ARS

    Despite the multitude of messages, no need to worry. “We were informed by an attending physician who observed an upsurge in flu-like symptoms in students in the Lille metropolitan area. After investigation, the suspicion of Covid-19 was ruled out since we were on negative PCRs”, explains a member of the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS).

    “We have a lot of people with covid symptoms even though they are vaccinated and tested negative”, also observes Maxime Hossein, general practitioner in Broncq. In other words, the possibility of a new variant is not yet substantiated. Maxime Hossein evokes another idea: the arrival of “late allergies because the summer was not very hot”.

    But with the end of summer, the most likely hypothesis remains the resurgence of infectious diseases such as nasopharyngitis (or cold) or tracheitis. Especially since the ARS has observed “a decline in barrier gestures” for some time.

    Admittedly, the fourth wave is indeed settling down and nearly 50 million French people are now vaccinated, but winter viruses are still just as punctual.

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