the revolutionary idea of ​​Nagelsmann, who wants a headset for players like in NFL

    After a discussion with Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team, Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann regretted that football is not more inspired by American football, which is more technologically advanced according to him. . He particularly likes the idea of ​​being able to communicate with a player via an earpiece.

    What if the coaches no longer gave their instructions on the edge of the sideline? Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann would not be against staying on his bench. But how do you communicate with your players? The former RB Leipzig coach has the solution. She comes from the United States and more precisely from NFL, the US football league.

    The Bavarian coach recently had a discussion with Andy Reid, his counterpart of the Kansas City Chiefs, winner of the Super Bowl in 2020. The two technicians spoke about their respective sports. For Nagelsmann, football should be more inspired by American football.

    “Football is still traditional, the German coach told TZ before regretting the lack of innovation for 30 years. American football is incredibly advanced from a technological point of view in terms of communication with the players.”

    “We absolutely need”

    Nagelsman says: “The quarterback can listen to his coach on the pitch.” The coach would not be against the fact of being able to equip a player, why not his captain Manuel Neuer, with an earpiece in order to be able to send him his instructions during the match. “It’s something we absolutely need, he says. Ideally with a microphone so that the player can also communicate with the coaches.”

    And Naglesmann to press: “A stadium is extremely noisy, there is no downtime, only half-time to talk about tactics with the players.” If the regulations forbid players to be equipped with earphones, Nagelsmann wants to move the lines: “We must say that we want it! We want to equip our jerseys so that the players and the coaches can communicate.” The idea is launched.

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