Alban Lafont is delighted with the hatching of a Canaries ban

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    On his new role

    “As captain, I have my role to play in these moments, I give voice, I try to keep the group always concerned but I am not the only player to have to show the example”.

    On the need to relaunch FC Nantes

    “We have no choice but to restart the machine… There is no discouragement. On the contrary, we want to take things in hand. In the content, that’s good, but the most important thing is the result. We have seen teams play well but fight for maintenance. Producing something is good, but it takes results ”.

    On the SCO Angers

    “Angers is a very nice surprise with attackers in shape, who produce a good game and we know it will be a complicated match on Sunday”.

    On the Angevin outbreak of Batista Mendy

    “It’s wonderful what is happening to Batista. He performs well. He had enormous qualities, he was easy with the ball and I had no doubt that he was going to have playing time in Ligue 1 ”.

    Transcription: Ouest-France and France Bleu Loire Océan Twitter accounts.

    The conf ‘of Alban Lafont at FC Nantes

    Captain of FC Nantes, Alban Lafont stressed the need for the Canaries to raise their heads from Sunday’s derby in Angers. A match where he will find his former teammate Batista Mendy, banned from the FCN who has become essential to the SCO.

    Alexandre corboz

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