Football England – City: Guardiola refuses to apologize, the controversy stuns him

    The controversy over the number of spectators at the Etihad game against Leipzig continues to swell in Manchester City.

    Manchester City have had a funny week after their 6-3 victory over Leipzig, Pep Guardiola has indeed pushed a rant when seeing the stadium with thousands of empty seats, and asked the fans of the Citizens to wake up for Saturday, with the arrival of Southampton in the league. The Manchester City fan chairman reacted immediately, asking the Spanish manager to tone down, and realize that it could be difficult to go to the stadium on a weekday evening with conditions, traffic jams and sanitary facilities, which could put off more than one. The controversy swelled and Pep Guardiola spoke this Friday, and not really to apologize.

    I’m not going to apologize for what I said. What I said is that we need support. It doesn’t matter how many people will come, but I invite them to come and enjoy the game because we need that support. That’s my message, but if this guy wants to misunderstand my words, that’s a problem, but I’m here to defend what I said. If I make mistakes, I’m here to apologize, but in this case, I won’t apologize. It’s to be part of something, and to do it together. I love the fans that we have. Misinterpreting my words, I don’t like that. I would never have a problem with my own supporters. If there is a problem, I am ready to step aside. Because I am one of them. Since the first day, I give the maximum », Assured the manager of Manchester City, not far from putting his resignation in the balance to calm the popular retribution. Even if it will certainly not go that far, a fringe of the fans of the English champion made it clear that the Spaniard had to content himself with training his team, and not counting the number of spectators present at the stadium.

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