Londoners fall and die on the subway for fear of catching the Covid while holding the bar

    Twelve people died or were seriously injured on the metro from April to June, and 23 on buses.

    For fear of catching the Covid-19, many Londoners are reluctant to hold the handrails of metro station escalators. Result: an increase in potentially fatal falls, worry London transport, quoted Friday in the British press.

    Twelve people died or were seriously injured on the metro from April to June, and 23 on buses. This is more than in the other quarters of the year 2020-2021, underlines the daily The Telegraph.

    One of the “greatest risks” to user safety is not standing and falling due to a “perception that the handrail is not clean due to the pandemic”, commented Andy Lord, the director. general of the London Underground, quoted in the daily. Seniors are most at risk, with their fall often occurring when they try to put luggage on the escalator, he said. Another downfall factor is the intoxication of some users, he continued, with an increase in night outings as the lockdown was lifted.

    “The number of people killed or injured has increased”

    In addition to an intensive cleaning regime of the network already in place, the transport authority (TfL) intends to extend the installation, started last year, of ultraviolet radiation devices on the handrails of escalators to eradicate all traces of the virus.

    Mentioned by the Telegraph, a TfL report published this week on passenger safety indicates that the number of injured per million users was currently “above the target” set by the authority.

    “The number of people killed or injured has increased with the return of customers to the network. The rate of injuries occurring on the stairs or on the escalators has remained relatively high,” said the document. “Compared to the previous quarter, there was also a slight increase in the number of injuries where drunkenness was a factor.”

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