Nicole Coste, mother of Albert of Monaco’s son, explains that she came out of the shadows to protect him

    Nicole Coste has emerged from the silence after 16 years in the shadows. The mother of Albert of Monaco’s illegitimate son explains the reasons for this choice.

    Nicole Coste and Albert from Monaco met in 1997 on an Air France flight when she was a flight attendant. Their relationship lasted five years and from their union was born a son “out of wedlock”: Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste. In 2005, Nicole Coste confided in the press, revealing the existence of her son in the pages of “Paris Match”. Since then, the mother of the young man of 18 has stayed away from Monegasque social events. But this summer, the prince’s son decides to come and spend a holiday at the Rock, where he even celebrates his majority with his half-sister, also illegitimate: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. He then made his first official outing at the Monaco Red Cross Ball on July 16, accompanied by his mother.

    Prevent the stalking of his son

    About this event, Nicole Coste who remade the front page of the magazine “Paris Match”, says: “I was not returned. [sur le Rocher] since 2010, the year when some not very benevolent newspapers had juxtaposed my photo and that of Charlene, just engaged, with the headline: “Albert and his two women.” It was therefore necessary to let the spirits calm down. This year, I was invited and I asked Alexandre, on the eve of his 18th birthday, to escort me. He liked it very much. The mother of Alexandre Grimaldi Coste explains having voluntarily kept her son away from public appearances to protect him. “For 18 years her father and I have …

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