Olympe (The Voice) explains why he was not selected to do the show (VIDEO)

    Olympe, revealed to the general public in The Voice in 2013, will be back this Saturday in the All-Stars version of the TF1 program. Guest of Jordan De Luxe this September 17 for Télé Star Play, the singer explained why, while he had made the audition, he was finally not selected to do Dance with the stars.

    Olympe became known in 2013 by participating in The Voice. The singer had been until the final where he unfortunately bowed to Yoann Fréget. The ex-protégé of Jenifer continues his journey in music, with the release of an EP Taxídi which is available on all download platforms since September 10. Emblematic talent of the TF1 tele-hook, he experienced many disappointments after his defeat in the final. “It is true that after The Voice was complicated for me, he explained to us last April. It’s a very hard job, especially when you’re just starting out. I came from Amiens, from my province, I had no contact in the world of show business, I did not know anyone in the industry. Sing on the set of The Voice while I had failed all the castings I had attempted before, it was a chance, a dream for me. Except that The Voice it is only a tiny part of the job of a singer. The back of the scene is darker, harder, more complicated“.

    Olympe victim of grossophobia for his 1st participation in The Voice

    Olympe is the guest of Jordan De Luxe in Instant De Luxe for Télé Star on September 17, to be found in full on Télé Star Play. During this interview, Olympe confides in her childhood and the one you will see again this Saturday in the All-Stars version of the program returned to her first participation in the show. He confessed to having been a victim of grossophobia during his first participation: “TO The Voice, I was 68 kilos, I always had a developed pelvis, that’s in my DNA, in my body type. And I was told: ‘It would be nice if you lost some weight’. I was told: ‘It’s still a picture so if you can lose 2-3 kilos that would be cool ‘. After that, it’s okay, I could hear it“.

    Why was Olympe rejected from Dancing with the stars?

    The singer also explained why he was ultimately failed from Dance with the stars by first mentioning the remuneration of participants in The Voice who are paid 500 euros per week, from live lives. “Ah it’s not like Dancing with the stars“he joked, referring to the high salaries of DALS personalities, before recounting his own experience.”I had passed the auditions a few years ago, it went very well, I was with Candice Pascal, it was too cool, TF1 had liked “, recalls Olympe. But in the end, he was not selected. He explains why, according to him. “It was around the time I changed agents and I think it didn’t work in my favor. I think the agent put a damper on me, even after. I don’t know but it’s around the same time so it’s still weird. I was warned that in the middle it was a little bit of bitches “, he noted. “What is this environment? I’m here to make my music, I’m not here to shade anyone“, Olympe concluded.

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