the 5 differences between Zidane and Ancelotti

    Two months after his return to the Real Madrid bench, Carlo Ancelotti has managed to change things. The daily Marca noted 5 differences between the Italian and his predecessor.

    Zinédine Zidane made his ranges with Carlo Ancelotti during the 2013-14 season and certainly that the Frenchman was positively influenced by the Italian’s methods. Once he took control of Real, however, Zizou evolved his own methods, his own style and his own personality to achieve the success that everyone knows well. Two months after his return to Madrid, Ancelotti has not revolutionized the same squad but he has changed things … Marca noted 5 major differences.

    Ancelotti manages Vinicius better

    To say that Zizou did not trust him is a lie. The French have often given him his confidence and a place in the starting eleven. He was one of the players most used by the technician of Real in number of appearances last season. Nevertheless, it is clear that something to evolve and Vinicius could not literally transform in a single summer.

    According to Marca, Carlo Ancelotti manages to better manage his case and especially to give him more confidence. Off the pitch, and particularly in front of the press, it is true that the Italian is more demonstrative than the French about Vinicius. Since day one, he’s praised and talked about himself as an essential part of his squad and it looks like it’s working a little better …

    Zidane’s Real were more solid

    Zidane’s Era II is particularly marked by one thing: the defensive strength of the team. Real Madrid have been part of the best defenses in Europe for two seasons and the double Z project started well from there, as evidenced by the arrival of Ferland Mendy at his request.

    At the start of the season, we cannot say that Real have left on the same bases. It’s simple, Real are quite simply one of the worst defenses in the championship after 4 days but certainly the Italian will quickly try to correct that. His criticism at a press conference and his starting lineup against Inter show he doesn’t intend to try to win 5-2 in every game. But he is still looking for the right formula even if, on the contrary, Real is more attractive with the best attack in the championship.

    The return of Pintus

    Zidane was the one who brought Antonio Pintus to Real Madrid, but his departure in 2018 would have deteriorated their relationship slightly. The Italian physical trainer continued with Lopetegui and Solari before joining Conte at Inter Milan. Then Real Madrid went looking for him again at the same time as Carlo Ancelotti. This does not prevent the club from being still bothered by injuries but it is clear that some players have recovered from the heat, physically.

    Statutes that fall …

    This is a point on which the Frenchman has been quite often criticized, rightly or wrongly, the lack of meritocracy in his choices and his “too strong” attachment to certain players. With Ancelotti, the cards are turned down and it is clear that at the start of the season, the lines are moving and the Italian is not afraid to rely on the young people. Against Inter, he was not afraid to deprive himself of an Eden Hazard and we can speak of a strong choice.

    The Bale case …

    It is true that the injury could suggest that nothing has changed for the Welshman nonetheless, that is not entirely true. Unlike Zidane, who was desperate to see Bale go, it turns out Carlo Ancelotti managed to pull off a little something before his injury. The season is still long and we will draw the conclusions at the end of the season, but the now No. 18 Real has in any case admitted that he felt better in Madrid …

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