United States conditions trade deal with London on continued Northern Irish peace deal

    London and Washington will end “probably“By concluding a trade agreement, unless the peace agreement in Northern Ireland is not broken, warned Friday the president of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “This is not a threat“, corn “it’s a prediction“, She explained during a speech in front of the Chatham House think tank in the British capital. “If the Good Friday deal is destroyed, there is little chance»To conclude a trade agreement, which London hopes to obtain since leaving the EU.

    The British government is currently embroiled in negotiations with the European bloc over the implementation of the Northern Irish Protocol, a series of post-Brexit customs provisions specific to the British province.

    Maintaining an open border between Northern Ireland and the EU member Republic of Ireland is one of the cornerstones of the 1998 peace agreement, which ended three decades of bloody conflict between republicans, favorable to the reunification of the island, and unionists, attached to the maintenance of the province within the United Kingdom.

    Congress attached to the Good Friday agreement

    The latter rail against the Northern Irish protocol, which introduces controls for goods from Great Britain, denounced in the Unionist ranks as a border in the Irish Sea, within the United Kingdom. “I am glad that more time has been given for negotiations … because there has to be an agreementNancy Pelosi said of postponing the implementation of certain controls in an attempt to find a solution.

    Any trade deal with the United States will need to be approved by the House of Representatives, chaired by Nancy Pelosi. The Good Friday deal is “very, very, very well respected in CongressAmerican, stressed the Democrat. “We’ll probably get there in the end“She said of a future business,”but we have a way that must go through the EU recognizing the importancePeace agreements, she added, adding that she had discussed this with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.

    He gave me some reading. He is due to come to the United States (…) soon and I told him that I will read what he gave me and ask him questions when we meet.Again, she continued. Despite disagreements over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Nancy Pelosi put forward the “special relationship“Between London and Washington,”historical“And based on”values“.

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