Zemmour dressed as Hitler: Pascal Praud denounces the “anti-Semitic” joke of Charline Vanhoenacker

    He shoots the comic. This morning, in “L’heure des pros” on CNews, Pascal Praud opened his show with a vitriolic editorial against the comedian of France Inter, Charline Vanhoenacker. The latter had fun in a sketch broadcast yesterday on social networks to draw an Adolf Hitler mustache on a poster of Eric Zemmour in the street. She also wrote the word “Zob” from the letter “Z” of the first name of the far-right polemicist. A joke that did not make the star CNews presenter smile.

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    “Not funny”, “not a lot of talent”, “little marquis of intolerance”

    Charline Vanhoenacker, like several of her colleagues at France Inter, has only the name of a humorist. Under the pretext of wit or derision, she and so many others are the little soldiers of good thinking, with selective indignations“, he began. And to let go:”We knew that Madame Vanhoenacker was not funny, we guessed that she did not have much talent, we did not know that she was capable of anti-Semitic lazzi. Yesterday, Yom Kippur, on the networks, she saw fit to draw Adolf Hitler’s mustaches on the face of Eric Zemmour who, as everyone knows, is of Jewish faith“.

    Pascal Praud confided that he was “remained speechless in front of so much nonsense“:”It also reveals what the presidential campaign will be like. It will be violent, brutal, aggressive. Eric Zemmour poses political, societal and civilizational questions on the table, which are impacting French society“.”The little marquises of intolerance, confided in their moral magisterium and draped in good conscience, refuse the debate. France Inter and the public service harbor their arrogance, denial and arrogance with complete impunity. The French will decide. The debate is open“, finished the presenter. offers you to watch the sequence.

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